The Cooler [Cert A]

Paul and and Linda, Ringo and Barbara star in a thirty minute film musical set in a prison camp, policed entirely by women somewhere, sometime in the future.

Ringo plays an escapee, who is caught and thrown into “The Cooler”, a form of solitary confinement. His mental state deteriorates, and so the adventure starts. His wife Barbara plays the camp commandant, Paul plays Ringo’s father and Linda appears as one of the guards. 

The music featured in the film is taken from the album Stop and Smell The Roses. The three tracks featured are Private Property [Paul McCartney], Sure To Fall [Carl Perkins, Quinton Claunch & William Cantrell] and Attention [Paul McCartney].

The film was produced and distributed my MPL Communications and was directed by singing duo Kevin Godley and Lol Creme.

The Cooler is released in the UK in support of the main feature release Grease 2 and is well worth seeing.

Gwyn Jenkins [August 1982 – Issue 1]

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