Traveling Wilburys – Volume 1

Following the success of “Cloud Nine George and Jeff decided to put together a band. They recruited Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison to join them and called themselves The Travelling Wilbury’s. They then recorded totally superb album. George obviously cannot take all the credit but he deserves It!

‘Handle With Care’ was obviously George and was released as a single and did O.K. A particularly strong song which has a live feel. In fact I’ve seen pub bands “handle” this one very well before now. ‘Dirty World’ is Dylan obviously being strongly influenced by Prince. Lots of fun is being had by all. It’s Jeff Lynne’s turn next with ‘Rattled a bit of skiffle on this one which comes as no surprise. The least attractive song on this collection ‘Last Night’ features Tom Petty and great production by George and Jeff. The backing vocals make this song stronger than would be otherwise. ‘Not Alone Anymore’ is Roy Orbison’s big production number featuring George’s distinctive guitar backing. George was clearly very much involved in writing this song even though the strongest influence was probably Jeff Lynne.

Dylan turns up again on “Congratulations’ which is his weakest contribution to the LP. ‘Heading For The Light’ is the least Wilburyish song on the album. It is very George and could easily be an outtake from ‘Cloud Nine’. One of the strongest tracks on the whole collection. George was obviously going through a particularly creative stage. Faultless from start to finish. ‘Margarita’ is a bit of a filler but is followed by Dylan’s best moment in a very long time. ‘Tweeter And The Monkey Man’ is arguably the best track on the album. If Dylan wants to make a proper comeback album he could do a lot worse than to get Jeff and George to produce it.

George’s final contribution is ‘End Of The Line’ Very democratically he lets all of his fellow Wilburys sing a verse. Good on you George. As the late Roger Scott said a ‘Classic Album’.

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