Change The World – Ringo Starr

Continuing Ringo’s intent of releasing EP’s; rather than LP’s; here is his second EP of 2021 “Change The World”. Ringo is not only looking as good as ever but he is still producing fan friendly releases at the age of 81, which is truly amazing and we should feel blessed that he is still willing and able to do this.

The four track EP kicks off with the title track “Change The World” which is a vibrant pop tune and swings along nicely and is held together by a strong Huey Lewis styled bass line. The song is composed by Ringo’s mates Joseph Williams and Steve Lukather. Indeed it is Lukather who provides a nice guitar break to what is a positive start to the proceedings.

From pop to reggae with the Starkey / Sugar composition “Just That Way” demonstrates that Ringo is prepared to vary his musical outings and the complementary backing vocals of Zelma and Zho Davis serve to lift this track well beyond the ordinary.

“Coming Undone” which I didn’t particularly like on first hearing, has certainly grown on me on repeated listenings. I think think it is the trombone break, which I love, that has lured me in and now is real ear-worm for me. With country style leanings this is the third music genre in an any tracks and you’ll not be surprised to hear that Ringo swaps style yet again for the final track of the four.

A dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll to finish. “Rock Around The Clock” the 1956 classic is perhaps the track which Ringo should feel most comfortable, but I think is my actually my least favourite, though it is a competent enough rendition. Maybe I’ve heard this song too many times. Ringo is joined by Nathan East on upright bass and good friend Joe Walsh on guitar and the performance is sound enough.

I guess the debate will continue as to the merits of releasing multiple EP’s as opposed to a full album, but I for one, am grateful for this as well as Zoom In earlier in the year. I particularly enjoy the variety presented in this short format and give it a very positive welcome.

By Gwyn Jenkins.

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