Beatles PodCasts: Six of the Best.

Dare I say, but “back in the day” if you were a fan and had a viewpoint that you wanted to share then a fanzine would probably be your only outlet. The 70’s and 80’s were in fact the golden age of fanzines … that’s the space that Revolver originated from. The internet broadened the reach of fans with websites springing up all over the world and the scope of fan activity increasing immeasurably. With improved connectivity and technology the ability to stream sound files is now commonplace with PodCasts now adding even more ways to digest Beatle flavoured content on a plethora of related subjects to suit the most discerning tastes.

Being able to consume content on the go and at a time of your own choosing is a real boon. If you haven’t yet delved into the world of PodCasts then here are six of the best that are worth your time:

Something About The Beatles

Hosted by Robert Rodriguez this PodCast takes a factual and forensic deep dive into a chosen subject with the expansive knowledge of the host to the fore. Where it fits Robert invites a special guest who’s knowledge supports and enhances the chosen subject of the episode.

Essential listening if you want to get under the hood of a given subject. []

Things We Said Today

Three hosts, two with extensive Beatles broadcasting experience [Ken Michaels & Darren DeVivo] and also respected journalist and author Allan Kozinn guide you through the current Beatles landscape. Delivering an essential news round-up in addition to a given episode topic that is analysed by the the team giving their own perspective. A great way to catch up on the recent Beatles news from a knowledgable broadcasting team. []

I am the EggPod

Providing its “jaunty stroll through Pepperland” with an episode guest selecting a favourite LP from the Beatles / Solo canon and discussing with the amiable guide and host Chris Shaw. Chris steers each guest on a track by track journey prompting the guest to reveal the significance of the music in a personal and humorous way. A most unique and enjoyable podcast with a great host. []

The Beatles Naked

An episodic deep analysis on a given Beatles topic by your two hosts author Richard Buskin and long term fan and sparring partner Erik Taros providing a trans-atlantic view on the Beatles and their impact. Well researched and offering strong viewpoints by the hosts as they dissect their given topic with a wide understanding of the music scene and culture of the times. Calling it as they see it, this is no nonsense Beatles analysis. []

Nothing Is Real

Steven Cockcroft & Jason Carty combine their dual enthusiasm and extensive Beatles expertise to expand your understanding of The Beatles and their impact and asking the essential question “what did it all mean”? The PodCast looks at the wider picture too, encapsulating the circumstances and events that surrounded The Beatles music, movies and remarkable cultural impact. Getting to the root of the subject and bringing context to the music and their times with two knowledgable and engaging guides … fabulously entertaining. []

The Fab 4 Free 4 All

One of the longest running PodCasts delivering a unique perspective on The Beatles from your three hosts Mitch Axelrod, Tony Traguardo and Rob Leonard. Delivering a Stateside perspective on the “Fabs” with a combined “Whacky” sense of humour the F4F4A team analyse current releases, conduct interviews and reflect on all things with a Beatles connection. If you enjoy looking at The Beatles from a different perspective and with a large dose of quirky and irreverent humour, this could be the podcast for you. []

This is just a small selection of available Beatles podcasts, why not recommend your favourites too so that we can take a look at them in future posts. We will also have a feature on the best of Beatles related YouTube channels … who should we feature?

by Gwyn Jenkins.

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