Beatles Channels: Six Of The Best

Andrew Dixon

For all the latest on future Beatles / Solo releases, unboxings, reviews as well as revisiting the back-catalogue, let Andrew Dixon be your guide. With a healthy dose of Yorkshire honesty and humour Andrew is a great source of Beatles news and his live streams and “World-Cup” competitions on artists and releases are not to be missed. Top bloke Andrew also hosts listening events for new releases and is always welcoming of viewer interaction. Fabulously entertaining and informative.

Parlogram Auctions

This is by far the most forensic analysis available of Beatles vinyl pressings. Comparing and contrasting the multitude of worldwide versions and their respective merits including sound quality, your host Andrew has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Beatles vinyl. Fabulously researched, with high production values, this is essential viewing for Beatles vinyl collectors.

Call Me Caroline

Having been many, many years since I heard Beatles songs for the first time, even now the music can still surprise, but it will never be like hearing it for the first time. We can, however, see the reaction of the music we love on someone else …in this case, Caroline. Her engaging commentary and her musical insight is really special to witness as she journeys through the entire Beatles catalogue. I’d recommend joining her on this trip through The Beatles music and delight in the way her reaction varies as much as the music itself.

John Heaton

John Heaton provides his view on the Beatles catalogue, his vinyl finds and opinions on all things Beatles. Sharing his rankings and viewpoints extracted from his extensive collection of music and Beatles publications he has an honest and no nonsense approach. His wide music knowledge is not only limited to The Beatles and his channel reflects this too drawing from the best in all music.

Pop Goes The 60’s

Putting the music and culture of the 60’s under the spotlight is Matt Williamson who focusses on Beatles Album reviews, vinyl discographies and “Albums That Never Were”. Matt not only highlights The Beatles; who were at the forefront of the 60’s Music explosion; but lesser lights too and provides band histories so that we can have a better appreciation of this amazing musical era. His well researched and produced programmes are a must for fans who like a deeper dive.


Lance Osborne is our guide in this well researched, expertly crafted and strikingly presented series of episodic Beatles stories. Telling the story of a given song, album, movie or event and providing informative context and honest opinions that support the narrative … this is a great channel to follow. Lance in a very knowledgable and enthusiastic host sharing his insight as both a fan and a dedicated story teller.

Similar to the recent ‘Six Of The Best’ feature on Beatles Podcasts, there are way too many Beatles channels available to follow on a regular basis so a selective approach is recommended. If you are not a regular viewer of Beatles channels then the aforementioned suggestions are, hopefully, a good starting point and I hope you get enjoyment from the recommendations … so tune in! Alternatively, if you can highlight any glaring omissions then please feel free to drop us a line.

By Gwyn Jenkins.

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