Revolver Beatles Fanzine. Our 40th Birthday.

Last month marked 40 years since the publication of Revolver Beatles Fanzine’s first issue. it was a rather meagre three page news sheet presenting the latest news and a few fan friendly features, but over the years found a loyal audience. More importantly for those who joined the team that produced the printed issues over the years it has bound us together in a continued love of all things Beatles but friendship too.

From the printed fanzine to the website which continues its legacy it has taken some amount of effort but has also been great fun too. It is quite incredible that the continuing influence of the Beatles is being shared with the generations that have followed the first generation fans, and the fact that there is such interest in the imminent release of the Revolver Special editions is just one indicator of their enduring appeal.

As it has always tried to be, Revolver Beatles Fanzine, will continue to be a space for our community to present their thoughts and opinions. So please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to contribute in some way.

Happy 40th Birthday to us.

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