Revolver Editorial #4

As the Revolver deluxe editions land on our doorsteps this week we have an opportunity to re-evaluate something that it so familiar to us all. Hearing the remixed LP by Giles Martin and Sam Okell along with the session out-takes and demo’s that tell us so much about the origins of the songs and their evolution.

A full review will follow shortly, though it is great that the deluxe editions continue to be released to the previous high standards. Let us know your thoughts on this latest release. Have Apple hit the right balance with this offering, does it provide value for money? For any audiophiles, has the sound quality hit the mark? How does it compare to previous versions of the album. Which version have you plumped for? Surely Rubber Soul is next up but how will that compare?

Perhaps the Revolver deluxe edition may not have seen the light of day without the intervention of Peter Jackson and his sound separation technology that made the remix possible. This could prove to be revolutionary in enhancing the soundscape of historic recordings that have remained largely hidden for decades. Where does this lead us? What would you like to see next on the agenda, a revisit of the Star Club performances would top my list but what else. Let us know your thoughts.

A friend and original Revolver team member Richard Porter has been conducting Beatles walking tours of London for over thirty years. His enthusiasm and knowledge have provided an essential service to visiting fans from all around the world. I recently joined Richard on a tour and will publish a write-up next week.

I hope you all enjoy giving Revolver a spin over the coming weeks and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and yours soon.

All the best,


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