In another universe …

As a Beatles fan it has always been fun to consider those “what if” scenarios. Depending upon your vintage you may have compiled a mix tape or a playlist of songs that would fitted a given set of parameters.

There are the ever popular solo songs that, when added together, would have constituted the next Beatles album to have been released in a given year. A game that runs out of steam when John’s output stops after 1975 but is always open to some interesting viewpoints. Compiling your own best of LP is another fan favourite or songs of a genre or theme … we’ve all done it surely.

We present to you; from an alternate universe; what if The Beatles had beaten the Beach Boys to a Pet Sounds concept. An album of songs with pets / animals as a theme and a cheeky LP cover in honour of both bands.

Why not let us know of your LP’s from another universe or classic compilation. There are no right or wrong answers, no prizes, it’s just for fun. With a long weekend ahead why not take time out and send us your track listings to share with the Revolver community.

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