Revolver Editorial #2

Beatles fandom comes in so many different varieties and we should celebrate that this is the case. Being so long since The Beatles were an active group, it is amazing how many new fans are drawn to their music today. To have fans from the very young to the more vintage amongst us brings a continually evolving viewpoint on how their impact has affected us. Each of us have had a trigger moment too that has led us on this journey, maybe it was hearing a song on the radio, catching one of the movies, seeing a photo or reading an article. What was yours?

Fans also have a wide variety of interest within fanbase. Some love to play the music, others are collectors of vinyl records, books, photographs and memorabilia, some fans enjoy following the solo careers equally as keenly. There are those that enjoy replicating The Beatles look in forensic detail bringing fabulous colour to Beatles events around the world. It is marvellous to also see magnificent artworks inspired by The Beatles … all contributing to the rich tapestry of Beatles fandom. It is intended that Revolver is a welcoming community for all fans to share their areas of interest and experiences for all of us to enjoy … so feel free to join in.

With this in mind it has been really great to receive some lovely feedback to our re-launch and our recent “nudges” for contributions have received equally positive responses. These contributions will be appearing over the following weeks and months ahead. I am particularly grateful to have received a selection of fabulous images donated by The Vincent Vigil Collection / Morrison Hotel Gallery. These stunning images will be accompanying some upcoming feature articles and our thanks go to Vincent for his contributions. For more information about his photographic collection you can visit here.

All the best,


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